Meet the team

Volunteers are people like you

The Heathrow volunteer programme is open to everyone, whatever your background. We want our volunteers to come from a range of communities - young or young at heart, our volunteers vary. You'll just need to be passionate, enthusiastic, energetic, a team player and keen to give your own personal best.

Click on the photo gallery links to see some of our Volunteers in action or see below what our team think about being a Heathrow Volunteer and how they have helped our passengers.

Heathrow volunteers

Volunteer quotes

When I'm on shift I don't feel like a volunteer I feel like I'm there to make someone's day in whatever capacity is required, no shifts are ever alike it's just a total different world and I'm so proud to play a part in that world to Make Every Journey Better!

Nitesh P. Heathrow Volunteer

I volunteer because I truly believe the world can be a better and brighter place if everyone volunteered and did something different to help their friends, colleagues or neighbours

Andrew G. Heathrow Volunteer

As I have been helped by other people when I am flying it is great to be able to do the same for others

Cherry B. Heathrow Volunteer

I enjoy working part of a team which is dedicated to assisting passengers

Richard S. Heathrow Volunteer

Our personal travels have taken us to many destinations throughout the world and we are aware  how difficult it can be to pass through the many aspects of a busy airport. Our travels would have been less stressful if Heathrow Volunteers were at airports all over the world

Jenny J. Heathrow Volunteer

I absolutely love Heathrow and more importantly I love helping people

Nazia N. Heathrow Volunteer

You always leave the airport with a warm feeling inside after maybe making someone's journey better even if it is only with a smile

Jackie G. Heathrow Volunteer

I really enjoy supporting passengers and enhancing their experience as they pass through the airport

Rob D. Heathrow Volunteer

After having experienced many different airports in the past it is very satisfying to feel that I have made someone's journey more pleasurable and less stressful through what to most passengers can be an alien environment

Roman W. Heathrow Volunteer

Volunteering is all about making a difference. Whether it's helping a passenger for two minutes or two hours, the smile on their face afterwards makes it all worthwhile

Andy I. Heathrow Volunteer

A very rewarding experience knowing that one is contributing to ‘Making Every Journey Better’ for the passenger and helping to make Heathrow the preferred airport of choice for the public's travelling needs

Michael P. Heathrow Volunteer

At the end of our very first volunteer shift we came away feeling comforted that we had made a difference to part of someone's travel experience

Bill J. Heathrow Volunteer

Passenger quotes

Hello this is a thank you for Andrew one of your Volunteers. Andrew thank you so much for all your help at the airport, I made it back to Vancouver BC Canada safe

Bernice N. Heathrow Passenger

I like to thank Lesley for her excellent service, without her help on that morning, we couldn't imagine how inconvenient and hustled we would have been. Most of all, she gave us peace of mind. I really appreciated such a kind of valuable volunteer service offered at the Heathrow airport

Shirley and Terry T. Heathrow Passenger

I am from Chicago and taking my son (who broke his leg in England) back home for surgery. I entered the terminal not sure where to go and there was Mary. She was so helpful and delightful. She set up a wheelchair for my son. And then while we waited in the car, she escorted the wheelchair and attendant to us. She went the extra mile and made a difficult journey so much better. Thank you Mary

Mac W. Heathrow Passenger

When I entered terminal 5 in Heathrow, I saw a volunteer. She was wonderful, personable and gave both my grandson and myself confidence that all would be well. She is a treasure and a very valuable person to have on your team. Peace of mind means a lot

Robert S. Heathrow Passenger